Case Study: Breidenbach Chiropractic
Read how one business set up three remote locations to use DC Talk in real time. JR Consulting Networking Services worked with the clinic IT staff to prepare the office for a seamless transition to speech recognition software.
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Mighty Oak Technology partners with Dr First for eRx in Chart Talk

We continue to develop the partnerships and products to help you achieve meaningful use of an EHR. A big milestone was met when we partnered with one of the largest e-prescription services with Dr First. You will have the ability to prescribe from the Chart Talk visit screen.

About DrFirst DrFirst has been a Surescripts Gold Solution Provider for three consecutive years with its award-winning, Rcopia electronic prescription management system. Founded in 2000, DrFirst creates innovative services targeted to physicians in both ambulatory and acute care environments. With a strong emphasis on products that link physicians, patients, pharmacies, and payers, DrFirst works to lower healthcare costs while improving clinical outcomes. DrFirst solutions are widely integrated with practice management and electronic medical records software through its "Open Borders" program, and the company counts among its client base not only physician practices, but major health plans, health systems, and EMR vendors. More information about DrFirst can be found at

Big News! JR Consulting is now Mighty Oak Technology and Chart Talk is certified for Meaningful Use (click image for details)

Because our clients demanded it, Chart Talk is certified for Meaningful Use and the ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act). When you demand it, we get the job done. More information coming soon, including how to migrate from DC Talk to Chart Talk for Meaningful Use, the amazing new features built into Chart Talk and what it takes to be a Meaningful User of an EHR.

100 Years of technical advancement: The Dictaphone Model 12 to the DC Talk Dictation Station

The Dictaphone was invented by Thomas Edison over 100 years ago. A person's voice was transcribed on a cylinder of beeswax while speaking into the horn on the side of the machine. with the DC Talk Dictation Station you can walk up to a computer, touch the screen, begin talking and see your words transcribed immediately.

Take full advantage of the benefits technology can give you. Lose the canned notes or time consuming typing. With the tools in DC Talk and with the Dictation Station you will dictate your notes in real-time.

Welcome to the world of continuous speech recognition

Avoid costly transcription charges, increase the quality of your dictations and increase your productivity with Dragon Naturally Speaking form Nuance. JR Consulting is a Premier Dragon Medical Partner with Nuance because we are your voice recognition experts.

JR Consulting carries all the lines of Dragon Naturally Speaking, look through our products to see software comparisons as well as different microphones available to aid in designing your personal workflow to optimize your productivity.

Look through the site and feel free to e-mail or call us with any questions you may have.

(612) 781-5851

DC Talk 4 makes Dragon Medical sing!

DC Talk has been integrating with Dragon for over ten years. Originally designed as a simple notes software it has set the bar with how you should expect speech recognition software to work with your electronic health record system. We are constantly helping clients get through Medicare audits by generating SOAP notes in the chiropractors own words. Don't be accused of having canned notes.

Keep track and dictate notes on Digital X-Rays, create your own voice driven forms to quickly and accurately generate documentation by talking to your computer. DC Talk takes your dictation to the next level. When you are asking if Dragon works in another software ask to see a demonstration and compare that with what you see in DC Talk. You will be amazed at the difference. JR Consulting and all our sales representatives are extensively trained in the full functionality of Dragon Medical so when you buy DC Talk you can be assured that all your questions will be answered on the best authority.

DC Talk is the only chiropractic program able to do smart voice commands. This example shows "Get Previous SOAP", a smart voice command for Dragon Medical that imports previously dictated information into a new SOAP note. DC Talk works seamlessly with Dragon Medical, if you wonder how Dragon works with another EHR ask them to demonstrate the two working together. Compare another demonstration with DC Talk and they come up flat.. No program can work faster or more accurately with Dragon Medical.